2023 - A year in review


Following the past 2022 post, here is the new post rounding up of what I experimented this year at work.


  • I started with a new motion design for Banque Populaire, an explainer on their carbon footprint (and supposed improvments 🤭).


  • Released a very short looping motion for Banque Populaire to be displayed in a stadium (ultra wide screens at ground level).


  • I engaged into producing 3D animated shots intend to be exposed on my Dribbble account on a regular basis.


  • Banque Populaire ordered me multiple animated shots showcasing supported Athletes for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


  • I coded the Alliance Farine showcase website using Next + Wordpress as a headless CMS.




  • On the personal side, I settled in Montpellier after 2 years as a nomadic.


  • I designed and developed a whole new agency website for Pommeclic.
  • I designed / animated / developed an animated game prototype leveraging the Tinder swipe gesture. I decided to make it open-source on dev.to after the client gave up with idea.


  • I worked on a revamped version of the "spot the difference" mini-game for Banque Populaire. I did both artwork and development.

  • Once again, the well advertised Hacktoberfest drove me in to open-source contribution. I participated on the small file-api project, with 2 validated PRs. This was the opportunity to experiment a bit with Docker and Bun runtime.


  • I worked on the design of a whole new variant version of the last year "Blackout" game, called "Fin de chantier".


  • I delved into the development part of Fin de chantier. I decided to migrate the whole codebase from Svelte to Next, and heavily introduced Github Copilot in my workflow.

  • Another small motion for the Berrylaw's greeting card (law firm).


  • Some more Next.js projects
  • Get involved in a dev team, open to position change 🫠
  • Still maintaining my design skills in some ways