100 days of Mograph - spring roundup


100 days of Mograph, follow up

Here is quick roundup of the latest shots I posted on Dribbble, after the anoucement of my 100 day of mograph post.

At this time, I posted a dozen of shots:

Municipal waste evolution

A bin is entirely swallowed by a trash truck. I relied on the constraint tag and some of C4D Xpresso configuration to link those 2 elements.

Transport modes stats for short distances

This is my first comeback to character animation. I always found rigging annoying and time-consuming. So I relied on Mixamo pre-built animations to bypass this step. The process is pretty effective.

I have to say I didn't model the char, but tweaked an existing one, considering advanced modeling is not my thing.

Remote work evolution

I pushed Mixamo a bit further this time with 2 characters in combination with circular maskings.

Dark mode journey

I experimented an outlined-only style, still using Mixamo. I found this visual approach pretty interesting.

Reduce motion journey

I took the girl back from the previous shot and experimented mixing 2 Mixamo's animation. This illustrates a current web accessibility concern.

Dark mode city light switcher

Too much refactoring time invested on this scene regarding a disappointing result. I like the backdrop but missed the animation part.

Recycling game

I decided to keep the outline style but kept attention to rendering clean lines. This time using web UI supports trash bins elements. I like the animation but missed the UI design this time 🙁.

What's next?

I plan to keep improving on this low poly outlined style, mixing colors and darkmode, sometimes bringing characters.

Each loop takes me a couple of working days. It's the perfect opportunity to sharpen a very specific skill combination while developing a personal style.

I'm still very far to reach 100 shots, but as one say, it's a journey, not a destination 🤗.