Animated movie WIP#4 (low-poly space scenes)


This post is a complete part of a complete walkthrough on building a 4mn animated 3D film with cinema 4D.

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Things are still going forward regarding the short movie, we’ve probably reached 2/3 of the total length and it's time to make another report (see previous reports : wip#1, wip#2, wip#3).

  • I mostly worked on the space scenes. It’s not big deal as there’s only a few objects to take care of, so things get quicker.
  • The use of X-particles is still resource-heavy for my single machine to render. So thinking about switching hardware setup : something coupled with an E-GPU so that I could keep a laptop.
  • I’ve been searching to get a satisfying low-poly render of a gaseous planet, I found something interesting combining classic deformed polygon (displacer deformer + polygon reduction) + rude cel-shading painting + half transparent realistic-textured cloud.
  • The sound design has started as a parallel task by my friend who’s browsing hundred of music & FX to get something nice.

Now considering the current pace, I’m pretty confident for a release for the end of the year.