Animated movie WIP#2


This post is a complete part of a complete walkthrough on building a 4mn animated 3D film with cinema 4D.

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April 2018 is already here and it's time to take stock on what's been achieved and what's ongoing regarding our animated film from the previous point. I had a couple of breaks that slowed down the progression (parallel dev jobs to do) but we're still on tracks ! Here are the main points :

  • The initial set (an invented medieval village) is nearly completed, laying the context of what this civilisation looks like. Camera paths have been grossly defined and what remains is mostly to animate the whole thing.
  • We defined a name for the movie : 1201 : A Disaster Odyssey (a wink to the Kubrick masterpiece)
  • Interior of the spaceship has been modeled, so actions will take place on the inside though that remains to be defined precisely.
  • The base character has been modeled, rigged with a walking cycle. It's been a tough challenge for me as I forgot a lot about joints setup in Cinema 4D, and weight management, so this is pretty nasty work but I guess it will be enough as characters won't be seen too closely. The Cinema 4D character tool is a mess but is still convenient.
  • To end this, the whole development follow an unconventional production pipeline as we're defining stuffs and storyboards as long as we're moving forward. Might be weird but it suits our design approach.
  • Next releases will concern the ship take-off sequence and space environments hopefully.