Animated movie WIP#1


This post is a complete part of a complete walkthrough on building a 4mn animated 3D film with cinema 4D.

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As previously mentionned, I started working on a new one-year-long project since early January 2018. It should be my fifth short animated film, with new kind of challenges.

The storyboard is still in progress, but the global plot is already etablished.

It's a about a fictive civilization that aim to reach the moon, and will unwillingly embark for a much longer journey toward unknown deep space.

Me and my friend have been thinking about a barely “credible” middle-age society that would have master a primitive technology to reach their goals. The tonne will remain cartoonish as usual.

The visual above gather both graphic researchs and firsts 3D modelings for the film.

Next post will hopefully be showing these assets in a fully defined environment.