Animated movie WIP#0


This post is a complete part of a complete walkthrough on building a 4mn animated 3D film with cinema 4D.

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  6. Part 5

2018 is here and it's time to reboot the resolutions and goals sequences.

Among the ones I aready defined, I plan to complete a 5th short 3D movie by the end of the year.

It always has been kind of a challenge to go through this, as it requires a huge amount of work for a single person that spreads over several months.

The key steps :

  • Script writing
  • Graphic research for character and environment designs
  • Storyboarding
  • Animation tests, new tools learnings
  • Modeling/ texturing / animating / drafts renders
  • Final renders
  • Post production
  • Sound design
  • Publication

Movies already realeased :

  • LWM wishes card
  • Buse Land episode #1
  • Buse Land episode #2
  • Buse Land episode #3

I learned o lot on Cinema 4D doing this but mostly, it has been a real pleasure during the path because it's the kind of ultimate project to be pride of. Everything has to be design and takes life at the end. Much more than coding a landing page, or improve an UI for a web site.

This time, a friend of mine will be helping me on the script and the sound part. Hopefully, I will post stuffs at key-steps along the year.