Making a real time 3D scene with Sketchfab



This time, I have been asked something unusual, which was to realize a 3D interior visualization for a future open office configuration.

We agreed that I would provide a couple of static views pulled from a C4D scene, considering my current 3D skill.

I stumbled on a similar work exposed as real time 3D through a 3D viewer that I knew from the past but never paid attention too much.

Here is the model that I inspired me to dig a bit into this unknown territory.


Sketchfab is a 3D assets platform, but its main strenght is to offer a 3D viewer for uploaded models, instead of just static views.

It is based on Open GL, and therefore works natively on any web browser.


The process is pretty simple : export our 3D model using a supported file (GLtf for me), and upload it on the platform, then proceed to the render adjustments.


The main thing to understand is that we just need textured meshes, all the final render is adjusted thanks to the Sketchfab provided settings interface, encompassing many features.

Things I struggled with

As always, and as a neophyte, I had to bypass limitations to fit into the process:

  • I didn't find any simple way to display an external image as a texture, but it is possible of course
  • The meshes have to be really optimized and cleans, otherwise exposing our model to be messed up
  • The process of checking the proper render in Sketchfab is time-consuming, compared to the regular workflow

Final scene

Here the model I realized, pretty simple open space, but way more efficient to get a precise idea of how the space will look like instead of checking a static view as a matter of fact.