100 days of Mograph


Engaging in a "100 days"

I noticed over time these kind of "100 days" challenges, that some people decide to engage in publicly.

I always found it was a fun way to improve one-self in a targeted domain by producing recurring small pieces of work, that can be quantified.

As motion design demands have been a recurring thing over the last year, I decided to take back my 3D skill and bring it back into a motion design pipeline that could be part of my pro work.

Own style

I tried to develop a personal 3D style over the time I worked for Gandi.net, massively using low poly meshes and cel shading renders.

This kind of render is still my thing, but I would like to detach a bit of this usual trend by bringing more post effects and a more artistic touch.

This is what I started to work on, with the first iterations (4 as today).

You can see them on my Dribbble channel, where I have chosen to expose all my shots.

Learning directions

I decided to focus working on my 3D style using Cinema 4D, along with its powerful Mograph module that offers endless possibilities.

Among this: procedural animations, dynamics, and riggings.

Beside 3D, the complementary part is working on an effective workflow with After Effects.

I intend to be comfortable rendering out motion graphics taking out the most of some 3D, binded with flat animations.


This post is named "100 days" but it won't be 100 days straight.

It takes me a couples of day to produce a single loop as I don't want to rush out.

Every shot is the opportunity to dive into a specific tech or module.

Until now, I decided to stick to ecological transition thematics, as I feel pretty concerned.

Let's see what will come out of this, when I will reach the 100th shot 🧑🏻‍💻❓