WordPressify review, a very handy build system for WordPress

wordpressify review


I’ve been doing WordPress theming for a few years so far and improved gradually my workflow on the fly, from cowboy coding on premium themes to build theme from scratch with a bunch of organized Gulp tasks. Though it was working alright, I always find things were a bit tricky regarding how my build tool processed files in the theme folder. I found a lot of Githubs boilerplate to solve this but it always stayed pretty “amateur” and not especially well maintained.
I recently discovered WordPressify, a turnkey built-in system and can say I’m quite happy using it regarding this concern.

Development phase

Firstly, the landing page is neat and appealing, it explain clearly what this Node+Gulp based open source solution is with a clear documentation on a well-maintained Github.
The big improvment I found is we work on an isolated theme folder from the Worpdress package. We have npm script that run Gulp on a live server and is constantly watching theme files to compile them in the final WordPress theme folder at change.


We have ES6+ support embedded, and can easily switch for our preferred pre-processor system (post-css is the default one).
The Gulp file also take care on how JS dependencies are injected in the Worpdress DOM with a convenient setup (const headerJS[…] and const footerJS […]).


Then we have a handy npm script to build our distribution for production, especially interesting for those who want to ship a packaged theme, using a simple “npm run prod”.
There is also a convenient backup task that pack all our current Worpdress package,  it runs the same way : “npm run backup””, and we get a versioned folder in a backup folder.


I found this workflow covers all the needs and eases the setup process regarding the tooling set. It seems to me that we get a solid and well maintained system embedding all the good practices and we can focus more on the development side.
I’ll keep using it for future WordPress projects.