Smalls productivity hacks in Atom part#2

Atom screenshot

Here are a few more Atom tips to complete the first tools list

  • Show indent guide option (Atom preferences > Editor settings > thick ‘show indent guide’ checkbox : displays thin vertical lines that enhances elements hierarchy, wich is much more comfortable to work with.
  • Markdown preview : split pane by live rendering markdown files (using a shortcut of your choice). This is intended to Git users that make use of .md document files.
  • Show/hide VCS ignored files (Tree view core package > Settings). Controls display of ignored file name (in .gitignore file) in the tree view. Useful before generating a ‘build’ or commit of your project
  • Quickly switch scope of search : in current buffer > ⌘+f, or in project > ⌘+⇧+f
  • Quickly open projects in separate windows : drag&drop the project folder onto the Atom app in the dock. It retrieves the previously openned tab display. You can also have separated Terminals  running inside each project (using Platformio-ide terminal for example).
  • Quickly expand-all / collapse-all subtree items in tree view :  click + Alt on any item containing sub items. Not an Atom specificity though, works in Photoshop as well.

This is just a few tools among the huge amount of existing packages/options that could be useful to improve workflow.