Smalls productivity hacks in Atom part#1

Atom screenshot

I’m on mac and I use Atom as text-editor.

I’ve tested Sublime Text and Webstorm in the past but I think this one has a very simple and neat interface that goes straight to the point.

Here is a few tips & tools I use in my daily workflow that greatly improve speed when it comes to writing bunches of code.

  • Emmet plugin : a must-have tool that generate code based on abbreviations followed by a”tab-key” push
  • Atom-alignment package : multi-lines auto-alignment. Very useful for dependencies or arrays lists, for example
  • Split panes to keep focus on differents document’s parts at the same time (as seen in the screenshot above)
  • Go-to-line (core package) : constantly using this shortcut (ctrl+g) to go on a specific css line for example
  • Platformio-ide terminal : to avoid windows-switching with the basic one. Can run severals at the same time (tasking + deploying for example)