Prestashop : a difficult theme switch

prestahop eurekadecotahiti


Recently, I had to work on a major update for the e-commerce website of my parents called Eureka, a small home decorating store located in Tahiti (French Polynesia). This is the only e-commerce website I’ve ever built so far with the Prestashop CMS. The first version lasted from 2012, when responsive design wasn’t mainstream yet.
In order to level-up web traffic, I’ve been asked to deploy a new responsive theme for the shop.

Setting up a local dev environment

Getting back the shop from live to local was pretty easy, even more than doing this operation with WordPress. No third party plugin needed : juste getting the files and database back and toggle one single setting in the admin to make it work.
However, there was no way to switch for a new theme with my current Prestashop version, regarding its age : bugs all over the place !
The only way was to setup a fresh version, but I needed to get the whole products catalogue back into this new one. So I used the Migration Pro plugin, quite expensive, but worth the time saved.
Of course I don’t master Prestashop theming contrary to WordPress and I don’t want to invest time into learning this, here are the reasons why :


Prestashop is a mess

Prestashop cover pretty much all use-cases that a retailer woud have ever need. The drawback there is a huge number of settings panels, all scattered in menus/submenus that can quickly give headache. The admin is though clear enough, but it’s not always structured in the best way. For example, splitting categories treeview from products catalogues tree view is a bit troubling.

I find the modules section sometimes buggy and quite slow as well.
In short : I don’t really like working with Prestashop. Other solutions exists such as the well-known Shopify or Woo-Commerce. I also heard of Snipcart (combined with the use of React.js). I would pick one of these solutions the next time I’ll have to build a new online shop for sure !

Here is the shop’s url :