Wordcamp Marseille 2017 quick review

Marseille WordCamp 2017 - EDM

I’ve attended the 2017 WordCamp event that took place in Marseille yesterday. A lot of very compelling conferences on a large range of topics. Here is a quick summary of points that caught my attention :


  • A quick glance at tools to better organize custom contents via custom-post-types, ACF, Metaboxes.. generatewp.com is useful to generate snippets of very common functions (register post type, shortcodes, hooks..) using the coding standards.
  • An interesting point of view on using Advanced-Custom-Field plugin as a page builder, taking advantage of the component field extension. It’a then a flexible way to build pages. Huge ressource place on awesomeacf.com.
  • A very compelling discussion on why we should learn JS framework as WordPress developpers. It’s a wise vision that we’ll necessary need these tools in the near future due to the growth of progressive web-apps and the fact that react.js and vue.js can both be easely exploited in the WP ecosystem to deal with the WP rest API.
  • A great reminder about WP hooks : a cleaner way to manage code structure modifications than doing this in the template files.
  • A smart way to manage WP_DEBUG using the terminal instead of dumping error in the browser : the trick consists in monitoring in real time the written log file (first need to set debug_log to true in wp_config) in a terminal using ‘tail -f /path/to/debug.log’. tail -f outputs the last 10 lines of the log file.
  • A presentation of Facet WP, a top plugin that excels in deploying advanced filtering modules for querying elements.