Better show something than waiting for the perfect time

Reaching the summit

We’re numerous living a busy lifestyle, involved in a lot of concurrent projects, that postpone our personnal ones. I wanted too many trendy and glitching stuff for the release of my portfolio, with the aim of showing I’m kind of in the game of the industry. But we get stuck when we set the bar too high.

It’s getting overwhelming :

  • keeping head in the codex to get a better WordPress workflow
  • dealing with the chosen css framework and it’s API
  • learning new js animation frameworks
  • learning and apply website performance optimizations
  • preparing content assets and fill-in all the initial posts
  • caring about all the responsive behaviors
  • thinking about an easy maintenable update system
  • testing cross-browsers display
  • improve tasking and deployment workflow

I consider myself far of what I originally planned, but I decided to improve things progressively instead of waiting for the perfect time that turns out to never happen.