Animated movie WIP#3 (X-particles and Xpresso enter in the game)

We’re reaching half of the year and it’s time for a 3rd report of what’s been released for our short animated film so far (see wip#1 and #wip2 for previous reports):

  • The 1st part of the movie is achieved.
    It represents roughly 1/3 of the movie. There still HD renders remaining in queue. It takes a lot of time to compute as there’s only one single Macbook pro to render the full movie, I take advantage of nights to do so.
  • There was a small technical challenge for me to animate the primary ship mechanism for propulsion. It’s meant to be a lantern gear : an old wooden system used to transmit a rotational motion. The energy is then transmitted to bellows that serve as booster rockets. I used an Xpresso setup (the Cinema 4D node-controlled module) to automate the speed of the whole mechanism.
  • The 2nd part of the movie will take place in deep space. I took advantage of X-Particles to get a full animated sparkling starry background which is quite nice. It’s composed of a 3D grid emitter that use xpTurbulence and xpScale modifiers to achieve the sparkling effect.
  • I had to rework the character skeleton and mesh to get a full suited character (see the yellow dude on image). It has once again been a nightmare to get hands on the weight tool to achieve proper character animations. I would need to follow a one-month course dedicated to this so complex topic.

Now, head on the space part, which should be quicker to release. Heading back on the work done, I’m not that sure anymore the movie will be done by the end of year, time will tell..