Who I am

I’m Stephane, 35 y/o. front-end developer & designer based in sunny Marseille, France.

What I do

I’ve been developing both visual and technical skills for over a decade in the web industry. Originally graphic designer, I switched towards front-end development for the last few years. I tend to be full-stack accepting a wide range of projects types. I mostly do small and medium sized web projects as single page apps following the Jamstack approach with Vue.js and it's ecosystem
I'm still doing UI/UX + infographics, I also actively builds side-projects on my free-time.


Freelance designer/developer : Sept 2015 - Current
Gandi.net (Paris) : Oct 2015 - Current (part-time job)
LWM Agency (Paris) : Oct 2005 - Aug 2015


Web UI/UX design & interaction design
Front-end development / SPA / PWA
General graphic design
2d/3d illustrations
Motion design

Tools stack

Photoshop / Illlustrator / After Effects / In Design / Cinema 4D / Sketch / Invision / HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript - ES6+/ Jquery / BEM / Velocity.js / Vscode / Bootstrap / Semantic UI / Vuetify.js / Skeleton / Vue.js / Nuxt / Gridsome / Firebase/ Wordpress / Wordpress-Timber / Prestashop / MJML / Git / Bitbucket / Sass / Gulp / Netlify / PHP / Google Analytics + Tag Manager tracking


I invest a lot of energy to improve my work skills and knowledge. Remaining time consists of gaining new badges on fitness apps, new places checks-ins, and TGV shuttles.

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